RJ Racing Inc.
The Basics

Racing is, most basically, extreme sporting competition, in which teams of men and machines battle for the glory of the
win. It’s fast. It’s loud. It’s spectacular. It’s viscerally exciting. It’s fueled by power and adrenaline, populated by
daredevils, jetsetters and maniacs.

But racing is a great deal more. Racing is an advertising tool that reaches every market segment, from NASCAR’s “beer
and pickup truck” crowd to Grand Am’s corporate executives to Formula 1’s international monied set—and everyone in
between. It’s a relationship marketing tool that forges relationships in the only sporting venue where sponsors are
welcomed as team members. It’s a media magnet that provides international television, radio, newspaper, magazine
and internet coverage. And the combination creates an opportunity unequalled in other marketing venue.
All Passion and Excitement

Racing is spectacular, in the literal sense of the word. It’s barely-contained fury, screaming engines, fireballs,
explosive wrecks and sometimes even more explosive drivers. Truly, the mix of speed, smells, noise, chaos
and glamour combine to make one of the most emotional, involving sports experiences in the world. Racing is
like Steve McQueen—all daring and mystery and cool—and it’s the antithesis to more staid corporate sporting
events, like golf or tennis.

Racing, like all other professional sports, is also about camaraderie. But unlike other professional sports,
racing includes sponsors and fans in the camaraderie. That’s why you see people walking around wearing
those garish Oreos and Kellogg’s jackets and multicolored DuPont #24 caps—because the fans have a
perceived bond with racers and their sponsors. And it’s why you see sponsors and their guests in fireproof
suits, in the pits, experiencing the action from the inside. There’s nowhere else like it to forge a business
Marketing Mix
more marketing elements than any other opportunity

=>Marketing & media impressions
=>Corporate hospitality
=>Relationship marketing
=>Promotional opportunities

Every sponsor uses racing differently—to achieve different goals. For example: By taking advantage of the
promotional aspects of racing, like the millions of marketing impressions a driver, team or car can deliver, a company
like Budweiser can increase market share by keeping its brand top of mind.

For a company like New Century Mortgage, which depends on independent brokers to feed its bottom line, racing
presents a unique and thrilling venue for corporate hospitality—giving New Century’s business development and
account staff valuable one-on-one time with brokers to build relationships or do deals on the spot.

A startup company, like retail mortgage firm Home123, can quickly gain brand identification by matching a sophisticated
marketing program with a highly visible NASCAR driver.

Monster Cable, a consumer electronics manufacturer, can strengthen ties with its all-important retailers like Best Buy
and Circuit City by rewarding top salespeople from each store with incentive trips to races.

What are your marketing goals? Racing can help you get there—faster.
if you’re not involved in racing, you’re missing out on:

=>The sporting world’s most powerful blend of brand awareness, relationship marketing and sales opportunities for
corporate sponsors.

=>The atmosphere of the racing paddock, where sponsors are accepted as team members and where you revel in a
microcosm of the international business community—deals take place, movers and shakers network and it happens in
a fast-paced, thrilling environment.

=>The opportunities to use racing as a basis for consumer or corporate promotions.

=>Massive international branding opportunities.

=>Plus, the time of your life. Come to a race and see for yourself.
There are thousands of your potential customers on any given night at the race tracks.  
The demo graphs of the racing audience include young & old persons, and range from housewives to corporate
executives.  Your company can have a dramatic effect on the captured audience for a promotional cost far less than
major markets.  In return for your financial support, the team will offer an avenue of advertising that is a great way to
reach numerous customers.  We offer several sponsorship packages.  Our goal is to help you in the growth and
success of your business as you help us move to the front of the pack.
Our racing team is looking for sponsors.  Please take a moment to consider this unique and visible
advertising venture.  Due to the present economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for you to
receive maximum value for your advertising dollars.  Race cars are an excellent advertising opportunity.
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